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US ferrous scrap exports climbed 12pc from January-July to 10.1mn mt from 9mn mt in the same timeframe last year, according to US Census Bureau data.


The country’s exports also increased correspondingly by 14pc in July to 1.3mn mt from 1.17mn mt in the same month of 2020.


Mexico moved up from second place to become the leading importer of ferrous scrap, with 2.4 times more shipments at 273,861mt from 80,019mt during the same timeframe.


Turkey followed in the number two position but with 29pc decline in July shipments to 265,839mt from 376,147mt in the same year-ago month.


Malaysia dropped two places from the lead to become the third-largest importer with 1.6 times more inbound cargo at 135,554mt of ferrous scrap, against 53,236mt during the same period under review.



Exports climbed for both coasts in July. East Coast ferrous scrap exports amounted to 623,057mt up from 567,602mt in June 2021. The West Coast shipped 294,990mt an increase from 191,484mt of ferrous scrap in the prior month.


North America

Canada imported 35,342mt of US ferrous scrap in July against 40,642mt in the prior month, signifying a 13pc decline.


In the first seven months of the year, the US exported 380,164mt of ferrous scrap to Canada, a fall of 30pc from 546,249mt during the same prior-year period. Mexico imported 1.7mn mt, up 83pc from 906,954mt during the same timeframe under review.


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